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Commercial Roof Coatings
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Commercial Roof Coatings in Atlanta, GA

Save Time and Money with a Roof Coating System

One of the toughest—and maybe most expensive—decisions a facility or building manager might face is when to replace your roof. You definitely want to get the best type of commercial roof for your building. An option you might want to consider is a roof coating application. If your facility’s roof is aging, but still in relatively good condition, these coatings can prove a cost-effective alternative to full roof replacement.

As a money-and-time-saving bonus, you won’t have to tear away your old roof or shut down operations with a roof coating installation. When you’re looking for an experienced contractor for a commercial roof coating in Atlanta, GA, you need to look no further than the trusted local team at Colony Roofers. We offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions. Find out how we can help by calling (678) 365-3138.

Which Roof Coating Is Best For you?

Benefits of Roof Coatings

How would you like to stop leaks and save money on energy bills? Two distinct advantages of a roof coating application are their abilities to seal and prevent leaks and improve energy efficiency–giving your commercial roof protection. You’ll find with roof coatings, whether elastomeric, acrylic roof coatings, silicone, or spray foam roofing, you’ll save money on roof repairs as well as on energy bills.

When installed, these coatings form seamless barriers over your roof that fill in small tears or holes and prevent new ones from developing. The material is also highly reflective, so it not only protects your roof from the sun’s weathering effects, it improves heat transfer, making the building cooler—a serious advantage in a hot Georgia summer.

Moreover, when you have a dependable roofing contractor like Colony Roofers providing commercial roof coating in Atlanta, GA, you can expect exceptional service every time. You can also trust us to use the very best coatings from leading manufacturers.

Flat Roof Repair and Metal Roof Coatings

While roof coatings can prove valuable for many different commercial roof coating systems, they are especially valuable for commercial and metal roofing systems.

  • Flat roof repair: Whether you have a traditional built-up roof or even a durable EPDM or TPO roof, these flat roofs have some common problems, including ponding, in which water collects in areas where drainage is poor. This leads to leaks. When you get our repair services, you’ll prevent some of the common issues with flat roofs.
  • Commercial metal roof coating: Many clients ask, can you coat a metal roof? Not only will a roof coating protect your metal roof from leaks and improve its energy efficiency, but the coatings will slow or even prevent rusting. Add a coating of SPF spray foam, and you’ll give your metal roof extra insulation to cool your building even more. Because they expand and contract with the metal roof, elastomeric roof coatings are among the best for metal roofs.

Fair Pricing, Cost-Savings

You’re probably wondering what commerical roof coating costs. Anytime you have Colony Roofers install a roof coating you can count on paying fair prices on a service that is already highly cost-effective. Moreover, with a roof coating, you’re going to save money all around. Coatings take little time to apply, normally about one to three days.

There’s no need to tear off your existing roof and we won’t need to disrupt any business operations. Once the coating is applied you’ll add anywhere between 10-15 years to your roof’s lifespan and as the coatings begin to wear off, you can reapply them, preserving your roof even longer. You’ll save money by avoiding the expense of full roof replacement, which often also causes businesses to shut down their operations.

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Commercial Roof Coating FAQs

  • What Does Coating A Roof Do?

    Protecting and preserving the roof are the main functions of roof coatings. They are particularly useful on built-up roofs, metal roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and single-ply membrane roofs. They protect the roof from damage caused by weather as well as the sun’s heat.

    The material also forms seals over small cracks as well as roof seams that help protect the roof from leaks. The coatings can extend a roof’s life for almost a decade. Moreover, roof coatings improve a roof’s energy efficiency, reflecting the sun’s heat away from the building, helping it stay cool.

  • Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?
    Coatings can seal small cracks or holes where leaks might occur. They can prevent new leaks from forming, however, they won’t seal up major leaks. Large leaks need to be repaired before the coating is applied.
  • What Is The Best Roof Coating?

    Each of the types of coatings will have advantages, depending on what they are used for. Acrylic coatings, for instance, are the most cost-effective and work well in most climates, but begin to lose thickness as they weather.

    Polyurethane coatings, on the other hand, weather well and hold up better in areas where water tends to pond on the roof. They are, however, more expensive than acrylic coatings. Silicone coatings also weather well and hold up to pounding well. But, these coatings also hold in dirt and lose their reflectiveness over time.

    We consider silicone to be the best commercial roof coating option.

  • How Much Do Roof Coatings Cost?
    Roof coatings are fairly affordable in comparison to traditional membranes like TPO roofing. A typical silicone roof coating can be less than 50% of the cost of a flat roof replacement.

Schedule Our Services Today

As a building manager, you want to save money any way you can without cutting corners–you want the best commercial roof coating. When it comes to saving on roof repair, replacement or other roofing services, you will never go wrong with a roof coating application. These materials are ideal for commercial and metal roofs, as well as industrial roofs.

Of course, you want experienced professionals to install the coatings, and the very best at that job are the commercial roof coating contractors at Colony Roofers. We offer high-quality commercial roof coating in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Find out more about our team and the services we offer or schedule a service appointment today by calling (678) 365-3138

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repair will prevent problems like leaks.

Metal Roof Coatings

Call our team of professionals today for a metal roof coating application.

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