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Flat Roof Coatings
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Flat Roof Coatings in Atlanta

Flat Roof Coating Specialists Serving Marietta and Alpharetta

Flat roofs can be a headache for any commercial property, as they are more prone to leaks than other roof designs for several reasons. First, their general lack of drainage means that water can build up on the surface and sit there, slowly seeping into the building's structure. Second, flat roofs are not as steeply pitched as sloped roofs, which makes it harder for water to roll off and away from the structure. Finally, because flat roofs have fewer raised features than sloped roofs, there are fewer places for any accumulated water to run off. This leaves it vulnerable to collecting in low areas or pooling around edges and cracks in the roofing material, leading to potential damage and leaks in those areas.

If you are constantly having problems with leaks or ponding on your business’s flat roofing, constant repairs are likely not practical or cost-effective. Do not assume you need a full roof replacement, however: Our flat roof coating services in Atlanta may be able to restore your commercial roof for a fraction of what it would cost to fully replace it. A roof coating application may be the best path forward if your flat roof is starting to experience issues but is still in decent condition. Our experts at Colony Roofers are skilled problem solvers who can determine if this solution is right for your roof. 

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What You Need to Know About Flat Roof Coatings

When you fully replace a commercial roof, your business will almost certainly have to temporarily close while the work is completed. Because the elements removed in a roof replacement will need to be properly discarded, you will also probably need to deal with landfill fees. 

Flat roof coatings avoid these and other expenses. In many cases, a flat roof coating job can be completed with minimal disruption to business operations. This type of work also tends to require less labor and fewer materials, which is a major part of why this approach is more cost-effective than a total replacement. 

While a coating application can effectively guard against water intrusion and other issues that can endanger a flat roof, it still needs regular inspections and preventative maintenance to prevent leaks and other problems. As a general rule, you should visibly inspect your flat roof for pooling water, debris buildup, and cracks every few months and immediately after extreme weather events. You should not wait to request professional repairs if you notice signs of damage. 

Though a flat roof coating will typically have a service life of 10 to 15 years, it is in your best interest to recoat the surface every five years, even if you do not notice any obvious signs of wear and tear. This will help maintain optimal protection and the longevity of your commercial roof. 

Over time, the coating will become worn or damaged as it protects your roof from thermal shock, UV radiation, and extreme weather conditions. As temperatures fluctuate due to hot and cold weather, this can cause expansion and contraction in the rubberized layer, which can weaken its waterproofing benefits over time. Regularly recoating your flat roof helps provide an additional level of protection against these elements, which will stop leaks from forming and prevent or significantly delay the need for a full roof replacement. 

At Colony Roofers, we make recoating as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. We can determine when you need your business’s roof needs recoating and when it does not. When a new application is needed, you can always turn to us for prompt and detail-oriented flat roof coating in Atlanta. 

Have questions about whether flat roof coating is right for your commercial property? Contact us online or call (678) 365-3138 today.

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    "The crew arrived bright and early and was finished before 5"
    Colony roofers did the most thorough inspection (inside-attic and outside)
    - Gina M.
    "Zach from Colony Roofers was incredibly helpful and responsive."
    Zach from Colony Roofers was incredibly helpful and responsive.
    - Rachel W.
    "The inspection was thorough and they were careful in explaining what they found"
    I feel safe knowing I have a partner who can keep my roof maintained
    - Francena T.
    "Zach was very knowledgeable, responsive, and kind, never pushy."

    Zach was very knowledgeable, responsive, and kind, never pushy.

    - Nick T.
    "Very communicative and did a great job."
    They were able to check out our property the same day I called
    - Sean D.
    "Our business has been using Colony Roofers for the last two years for all of our roofing needs"
    Our business has been using Colony Roofers for the last two years for all of our roofing needs
    - Martin
    "I can't thank Colony enough for the exemplary service they provided"
    I can't thank Colony enough for the exemplary service they provided
    - David
    "Excellent communication and time management abilities."
    Excellent communication and time management abilities.
    - Isabella Z.

The Flat Roof Coating Installation Process

When installing a flat roof coating, proper preparation is key to ensuring the highest quality of protection and maximum durability. Before applying the coating itself, we will thoroughly clean the surface of the roof and clear it of any debris, dirt, and moss. We will usually use a combination of pressure washing and scraping tools to completely remove all contaminants from the roof’s surface. Additionally, we will repair any major existing damage before starting work, as a roof coating will not be able to seal large leaks.

Once your roof is clean and dry, we will apply a primer to its surface. This helps create a stronger bond between the existing roofing material and the protective coating. It also tends to provide additional waterproofing benefits. After priming is complete, we will apply multiple layers of coating using either a brush or roller. The number of layers required depends on product specifications and local building codes. We are familiar with manufacturer requirements and how to achieve the best results. Finally, we will seal areas around the edges and corners of your roof with flashing tape or other sealant products to prevent water infiltration in these especially vulnerable spots. 

How Do Flat Roof Coatings Work?

Flat roof coatings are applied to provide an extra layer of protection to flat roofs, helping protect them from water damage and leaks. They typically consist of a rubberized coating, such as polyurethane or elastomeric, applied with a brush or roller. This layer fills in any small cracks and holes in the roof surface, forming a waterproof barrier. When properly installed, a float roof coating should last between 10 and 15 years before needing reapplication.

The coating also helps protect against UV radiation and other weathering effects caused by exposure to the elements. The rubberized layer is designed to reflect sunlight away from the roof surface, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure and decreasing the risk of thermal shock. Additionally, it can help reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that builds up on the rooftop over time, which would otherwise collect moisture and lead to potential damage or leaks.

You can count on Colony Roofers for superior flat roof coatings for commercial properties in Atlanta. We exclusively use dependable, trusted roof coating products from leading manufacturers.

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