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What is Involved in Roof Maintenance and “Tune-Up” Services?


Replacing the roof on your home is notoriously one of the most expensive projects that homeowners can undertake, with the average homeowner spending roughly $8,600 on a new roof. Of course, replacing a roof is often a non-negotiable endeavor compared to other potential home renovation projects, as ignoring the need for a new roof can lead to additional damage, a decreasing home value, and safety concerns for the occupants.

Though it would be nice if roofs were a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of project, this typically isn’t the case. Since your roofing system is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s important to have them regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they continue to protect your home and function optimally.

For this reason, you can hire roofing contractors for tune-up and maintenance services. What is typically involved in this type of service, and is it worth the cost?

Let’s take a deep dive into what you need to know about roof maintenance and tune-up services and why they can help reduce the cost of your roof over its lifespan.

Free Roof Inspection

What Are Roof Maintenance and Tune-Up Services?

If you call your local roofing contractor and ask them for tune-up services, they will come over to your property and thoroughly inspect your roof. This process will allow them to look out for any potential issues that need to be addressed to keep your roof at the peak of health.

With most things in life, it’s best to notice problems as soon as possible, or they will grow larger and more expensive to solve. Your roof is no exception.

By performing tune-up services on your roof, you can address problems such as broken flashing or loose shingles before they lead to water intrusion or other more expensive issues.

Of course, roofers that come over for a tune-up will also be able to identify larger repairs that will need to be made and give you an overall report on the health of your roof. For instance, they’ll be able to inform you if your roof is near the end of its life and what your replacement options are.

Performing Roof Maintenance

Some roofing companies will offer roof maintenance and tune-up subscriptions, which you pay for monthly or annually. They typically include the following:

  • An annual inspection of your roof: Thoroughly inspect the roof and notify the homeowner of any potential problems
  • Roof cleaning: Removing debris that accumulates on the roof
  • Roof maintenance: Perform yearly maintenance, including services like securing lifted flashing, caulking pipe jacks, painting rusted metal roof vents, repairing nail pops, and replacing damaged or missing shingles

The services offered and how frequently they occur are going to vary depending on the roofing contractor you are working with and the particular bundle of services you select. For example, some of these programs can include inspections after heavy storms to ensure that no damage was caused by high winds, heavy rain, hail, or falling branches. 

These subscription services are set up so you ultimately receive all of these services at a discounted price. Considering that a home is the most valuable asset most people own, investing in regular roof inspections and maintenance services can be well worth the cost. It can help prevent serious problems and allow you to address smaller issues before they become more expensive repairs.

On top of that, roof maintenance plans or subscriptions can significantly reduce your risk of dealing with a roofing emergency. The last thing any homeowner wants is to deal with a true roofing emergency, where their home is exposed to the elements, and a roofing contractor has to be hired immediately at a high price in order to try and solve the problem as fast as possible.

What Is Involved in a Roof Tune-Up?

The particular services included when you hire a roofing company for a roof tune-up can vary a bit, but let’s look at what you can expect from a typical tune-up.

In-Depth Roof Inspection

When you hire a roofing company like ours for a tune-up, they will thoroughly inspect your roof beyond a basic roof inspection. They will take a look at all of the components of your roof that can impact its health and condition.

An In-Depth Roof Inspection

Through this process, they will be able to detect problems that may be small now but could grow into larger, more costly issues in the future if they aren’t addressed.

Proactive Maintenance

After the inspection has occurred, roofing contractors will use the information gathered during the inspection to identify where leaks could develop in the future. It’s common for roofers to replace missing, damaged, or old shingles during a tune-up and clean off debris that has built up.

Proactive Roof Maintenance

They will also note if any mold has started growing and take measures to remove and prevent further occurrence of mold. As you might imagine, mold is something you don’t want on your roof for a number of reasons, including the health hazards associated with this type of growth as well as its ability to degrade your roof both functionally and aesthetically.

Clearing Debris

It’s common for debris to collect on your roof over time, but leaving debris on your roof can increase the risk of water intrusion issues. When tree branches, leaves, and other debris is on top of your home, it can obstruct the ability of your drainage system to function properly. This means that water isn’t being moved away from your home as should happen, but instead is flowing into areas it shouldn’t be going or even ends up pooling on your roof.

Clearing Roof Debris

Debris can also damage other components on your roof through dents and scratches and can block vents in a way that negatively impacts the desired airflow between your roof and attic.

Sealing Seams

Seams are a necessary part of most roofing systems, but they are also the spot where water is most likely to intrude into your home.

Sealing Roof Seams

It’s natural for caulk to crack and split as time goes on, and reapplying caulk can mean the difference between water staying outside of your house and sneaking in. During a roof tune-up, roofing contractors can ensure that all of your roof seams effectively protect your home from the elements. I

Replacing Shingles

Depending on the roofing contractor you’ve hired, there might be a maximum number of shingles they will replace as a part of the base cost for the tune-up.

Replacing Roof Shingles

However, if just a few shingles have blown off the roof or cracked in one way or another, they will typically be replaced as a part of the tune-up. They will also secure loose shingles and take care of any nail pops.

Why Should You Sign Up For Roof Tune-Up or Maintenance Services?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners should consider signing up for roof maintenance or tune-up services. Roofs of all ages can benefit from regular inspections and tune-ups, so you don’t want to count it out just because your roof is brand new. In fact, signing up for maintenance services right when you install a new roof can be one of the best things you can do to protect your investment.

Keeps Your Roofing System in Tip-Top Shape

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of roof tune-ups is that it helps ensure that your roof protects your home exactly as it should.

A Well-Maintained Roof

They can re-caulk seams and deal with nail pops and thoroughly examine the entire roofing system for minor problems that could grow larger and require costly repairs.

Prevents Future Problems

Your roof is an essential line of defense between your living environment and outside elements. When even a small crack, tear, or other potential points of intrusion occurs in your roofing system, it doesn’t take very long for that problem to become much more expensive to fix. Small issues that wouldn’t be very costly to repair right now can become major issues in just a year or two and, in some cases, as little as six months.

Managing a Roof Leak

Though the cost of a roof tune-up might not be money you are excited to spend, the truth is that you’ll likely end up saving money through regular inspections and maintenance because of the ability to catch problems when they are small and cheap to fix.

Maximizes Your Investment

If you’ve recently replaced your roof or are considering getting a roof replacement, you know it’s a significant investment. The longer your roof can stay in great condition, the more affordable it is. However, if a roof is neglected right off the bat after replacement, it most likely won’t last nearly as long as the advertised 20, 30, 40, or 50-year lifespan of the product.

A Roof Covered in Leaves

When you have regular tune-ups or sign up for maintenance service programs, you are taking action that will help to maximize the major investment you made in your property. It means that your roof will last longer and that the cost of maintenance and repairs will be less expensive over the life of the system. 

Roof Maintenance Programs Can Come With Additional Benefits

Roof maintenance programs often include additional perks beyond inspections, cleaning, and standard maintenance tasks. These benefits are going to vary depending on the company you hire, so you’ll want to look into the specifics and compare your available options between companies.

A Roof Cleaning Service

Some additional benefits that might come with a roof maintenance subscription program include priority appointments, discounts on future repairs, attic analysis, gutter repair and cleaning, and workmanship warranties on repairs.

Offers You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in regular roof tune-ups or maintenance programs is in order to experience one of the most valuable things of all– peace of mind. You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, money, and attention into your home, and the last thing you want is to spend your time worrying about potential roofing issues.

A Properly Maintained Roof

Like most of the things that make us worry, our fears can be mitigated with more information. When you know that you have roofing contractors coming out to look at your roof once a year at the least, you can rest assured that knowledgeable eyes have been on the scene recently to ensure that your roof is in good working condition. If there are problems that need to be addressed, you will learn about them immediately and your options for solving the issue.

Does My Roof Need a Tune-Up?

Tune-ups are most frequently needed for homes that have asphalt shingle roofs. If you have a metal roof on your home, you won’t need to worry about nail pops or loose shingles. For homes with tile roofs, cracks typically occur after a storm and should be replaced immediately.

A Roof Tune-Up

In general, tile roofs and metal roofs don’t require regular tune-ups like asphalt roofs do. That said, it can be difficult to know what is going on on your roof as a homeowner. Therefore, investing in regular inspections, even when you have these longer-lasting roofing systems, can be a reasonable investment to make. 

Is It Time For Your Roof to Get a Tune-Up?

Roof maintenance might not be the most exciting investment you make in your home, but it’s one of the most essential. When you think about it, is there anything more exciting than knowing that the risk of spending an exorbitant amount of money on extensive roof repairs in the future is significantly reduced when you have your roof regularly inspected and maintained?

Whether you schedule yearly tune-ups or sign up for a subscription maintenance program for your home, there are numerous benefits to having experienced roofing contractors keeping an eye on your roof over the years.

A Roofing Contractor

At Colony Roofers, we specialize in providing the best customer service and the best roofs to home and business owners in the Atlanta area. Whether it’s time for a full roof replacement, a roof repair, or a tune-up, we would love to help you ensure your roofing system is in optimal working order.

Is it time for you to have the pros thoroughly inspect your roof and provide necessary maintenance? If so, contact us today.

Free Roof Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of roof maintenance and tune-up services?

Roof maintenance and tune-up services typically involve a thorough inspection, cleaning, and addressing any minor issues to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Key components include inspecting and repairing shingles, flashing, and other roof materials; cleaning gutters and downspouts; checking for signs of leaks, mold, or rot; sealing any gaps or cracks; and assessing the overall condition of the roof to provide recommendations for any necessary repairs or replacement. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly damage and extend the life of your roof.

How often should I schedule roof maintenance and tune-up services?

It is generally recommended to schedule roof maintenance and tune-up services at least once a year, ideally during the spring or fall when weather conditions are mild. However, the frequency may vary depending on factors such as the age of your roof, climate, and exposure to extreme weather conditions. In addition to annual inspections, it's important to check your roof after any major storms or incidents that may cause damage and address any issues promptly.

Can I perform roof maintenance and tune-up services myself, or should I hire a professional?

While some aspects of roof maintenance, such as cleaning gutters or replacing a few damaged shingles, can be handled by homeowners with the proper knowledge and tools, it is generally safer and more effective to hire a professional. Roofing professionals have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to thoroughly inspect your roof and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, they can identify potential problems that may not be apparent to an untrained eye, ensuring the overall health and longevity of your roof.

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