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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof?


As a homeowner, discovering you have any kind of leaks or damage to your roof is stressful. What can be even more stressful though, is having to call around to roofing companies, having no idea of what the cost should look like when repairing your roof. In this article, we're going to take you through some common types of roof repair, and tell you around how much they should typically cost.

Roof Repair Cost

Wondering how much the average cost is to repair a roof? Well, in the U.S. roof repairs can run you anywhere from $300 - $15,000, but the national average sits around $1000. 

Of course, there are several factors that determine the cost of roof repair, including the severity of the damage, the material your roof is made of, whether or not your roof is steep and hard to access, and the part of your roof where the repair is needed.

You can also break down expected roof repair costs by repair type. This is going to be the biggest factor in the cost of your repair. Minor repairs, such as small roof leaks, shingle replacement, and puncture repair should run you anywhere between $50 - $500. Moderate repairs, like limited water damage, flashing replacement, and felt or decking repair usually costs between $500 - $2000. The most major repairs, like partial roof replacement, extensive water damage, or fixing a sagging roof will likely cost $2000 and up.

Common Roof Repairs

Below, you'll find a list of some common roof repairs we see in the industry, and the typical cost for each type. It's important to remember these numbers are based on national averages, and that any specific issue could run you more or less, depending on the other factors of your repair.

  • Roof Leak Repair

If your roof is leaking and you've been keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections, it's likely going to be a minor repair. Ultimately, the size of the leak and the amount of time it's gone unnoticed will be your biggest factors in determining final cost. Cracked flashing or vents are the cheapest to repair, but if significant water has gotten into your roofs underlayment, the cost could be substantial. Leaks cost anywhere from a few hundred to upwards of $1000 to repair, depending upon the severity of the damage the leak has caused.

  • Roof Hole Repair

Another common type of roof repair is patching a hole in the roof. This can run you anywhere from $100 - $1000 depending on the size of the hole and the material your roof is comprised of.

  • Roof Vent Repair

The vents in your roof where hot air escapes the attic can be a weak point - they are fully exposed to the elements and wear out over time. Usually to be replaced they are cut out, a new one is installed, and the edges are sealed to prevent leaks. These repairs are fairly easy though, and typically only cost from $75 - $250.

  • Hail Damage

Hail and other storm damage is another common reason your roof may need to be repaired. An intense hail storm can clog and damage gutters, and some more severe storms with large sized hail can damage shingles and skylights, and even crack flashing and fascia. On average hail damage costs between $700 - $4000 to fix, but you may be able to file an insurance claim.

  • Fascia And Soffit Repair

Fascia and soffit play an important role in ventilating your roof properly and protecting it from the elements. Repairs to this part of your roofing system typically run between $300 - $1500.

  • Skylight Repair

Skylights are a common component of roofs that need repair. They are prone to leaks if they aren't sealed correctly, but it's a quick and easy repair that will usually on run you $300 - $500.

  • Shingle Repair

Shingle damage is fairly superficial, so if the repair doesn't need to go beyond the shingles, repair costs are fairly inexpensive. A few shingles may run you less than $100, although larger areas or roofs that have more expensive shingles can cost up to $800. These repairs tend to cost $710 on average. 

  • Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing is thin metal sheeting that is installed where the chimney meets the roof. This is done to help prevent leaks and seal seams where roofing elements meet the roof. Since it is metal, flashing can corrode or crack, allowing water to get in. It can also warp or loosen over time. This is another easy fix though, with the old flashing simply being pried off and new flashing installed in it's place. The average cost of this repair is $200 - $300.

  • Roof Eaves Repair

Roof eaves are a complex structure made up of many parts. They form the junction between the walls of your home and the edges of the roof. The eaves require careful engineering to both support your roof and help make your home weather resistant. These repairs tend to be a little more expensive on average, costing between $1450 - $1650.

  • Roof Dormer Repair

Dormers are additions to a roof that contain a window. Although attractive, any structure that changes the direction or integrity of your roof has the potential to become damaged or leak over time. Dormer's are covered by a roof of their own, and repairs cost an average of $250 - $1000, depending on the extent of the problem.

  • Roof Verge Repair

The edge of your roof is called the verge, and it's essentially a raw edge of roofing material. When your roof is installed, roofers carefully seal this area, but extreme weather can still damage it over time and even expose your roof underneath. It's not uncommon to need repairs here, but it's easy to access and straightforward to repair, so on average verge repair costs $250 - $750.

  • Roof Valley Repair

Roof valleys are where two descending slopes meet. Because of it's location between two downward slopes, this is an area where water and snow tend to gather and flow, meaning it needs special waterproofing, usually done using flashing. A buildup of precipitation here can cause issues like sagging and cracking if they are not repaired quickly. Depending on the extent of the problem, this repair costs between $300 - $1000 on average.

  • Ridge Capping Repair

Any point in your roof where the slope changes direction is going to form a ridge. All roofs have at least one. These areas are "capped" with triangular pieces to cover the seam where the two slopes meet. These pieces are carefully applied with mortar, but they can still become damaged or cracked. For these kinds of repairs, expect to pay between $250 - $750.

  • Rafter Tail Repair

Rafter tails are the boards that support the eaves and extend past the walls of your home. This is where soffit and fascia are attached, and they are an integral part of your roofs structure, making them one of the more costly repairs. This can run you between $300 - $3000, depending on the extent of the damage and whether or not it extends into the trusses.

  • Roof Truss Repair

The wooden boards that make up the support skeleton of your roof are called trusses. They are protected from moisture by your roof itself, but it is possible for them to be susceptible to damage from rot, insects, or water. Because they are such an important part of your roof's structure, it's very important to have them repaired as soon as damage is apparent. These should only be repaired by a professional roofing contractor, and depending on the extent of the damage and repairs needed, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 - $5000.

  • Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is never something you want to see, as it's usually a sign of severe damage that has gone unnoticed for quite some time. A sag in an isolated portion of the roof may not require a complete roof replacement however, as long as it's caught early. With these repairs, often the structure underneath the sagging portion is damaged, meaning it needs to be exposed and then replaced, making this one of the most costly repairs outside of a total roof replacement. It's not uncommon to pay $2000 and up for repairs to this kind of problem.

When To Call A Professional

It's understandable that roof repair is usually an unexpected expense, and that some of these repairs are very costly. This may have you wondering, do I really need to call a professional? While there are some minor repairs, like replacing shingles or patching small leaks that can be done yourself, it's important to remember that without a proper inspection, there is no way to know if a DIY is truly repairing the problem, or even if there is unseen damage. Major repairs should always be done by a professional and trusted roofing contractor. At Colony Roofers, we offer free 30 minute inspections, and pride ourselves on being a name you can trust in the roofing industry. If you think you may be in need of repair, call us today! We'd love to help.

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