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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Roof in Atlanta, GA?

wokring on roof
wokring on roof

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. A roof repair could be anything from replacing some shingles to laying down a new piece of sheathing. Broadly speaking, the price to repair a shingle roof will typically be somewhere in the range of $300 to $7000.

When you are repairing a roof, there are many different things that you can be repairing. If you’re missing shingles, then it’s simply a matter of replacing those shingles. But if the roof repair requires work on the sheathing of the roof–the plywood underneath the roofing material– then the roof repair cost average will be significantly higher.

How Different Materials Affect The Roof Repair Cost Average

Different roofing materials will cost different amounts, with the cheapest being asphalt shingles. Consequently, asphalt shingles are by far the most common roofing material used, especially for roof repair in Atlanta, GA. As you increase the quality of the roofing material, the price of materials is going to go up. That causes the overall cost of repairs to get higher.

So, for example, one step up from asphalt shingles is tile roofing. Tile roofs are more expensive, and not used in Atlanta, GA, as often as they’re used in Florida, or in the Southwestern US.

But the benefit of tile roofs is that they’re going to last longer than asphalt shingles. A shingle roof will need to be replaced, on average, every 15 to 25 years. A tile roof, on the other hand, is going to need replacement every 20 to 30 years.

And this roof lifespan will continue to increase depending on the cost of the roofing material. A metal roof will be expensive at first, but it could last anywhere from 45 to 70 years if well maintained.

And, there are other roofing materials that are used for more aesthetic purposes that don’t have the same longevity, but do cost more because they’re harder to maintain. This includes roofs that are wood shakes, something costly to install and maintain, but which look very nice and are often seen in affluent areas.

And slate roofs are perhaps the most expensive of all the common roofing materials and, while they will last forever (they are made of rock) they require some major structural changes to the home to support the weight of this stone roof.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Repair Your Roof?

Obviously, the biggest thing to watch out for are leaks. If you’re getting water in the house, then you should call a roofing contractor immediately. Not acting quickly on a roof repair could mean the difference between a simple shingle repair and having to replace rotted and damaged roof joists.

One thing you should do is, after every major storm or windy day, walk around your house and look for missing shingles. If there are any, then a simple phone call will take care of the problem.

Other things you should look out for:

  • Sagging. If your roof is sagging, that signifies that there’s a major problem with the structure of the roof. A sagging roof is a roof that could collapse in and needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Grit in the gutters. If you’re noticing that the grit from the shingles is accumulating in the rain gutters, that means that your shingles are getting old and likely need to be replaced.
  • Debris on the roof. If you see a branch lying on your roof after a storm, there’s a possibility that the broken branch punctured a shingle and has caused a potential leak. It’s best to get this looked at quickly.

What Do I Do If I’m Not Sure My Roof Needs A Repair?

If something seems wrong to you but you’re not sure your roof needs a repair, then the wise thing to do is call Colony Roofers just in case. Our roofing inspectors are trained to spot problems with your roof, and we can give you the advice you need about whether you need a repair, a replacement, or if it is just fine as it is.

Our reputation is built on the trust that roofing customers have in our inspections. We will never overestimate the damage of a roof just so we can charge you for a repair, and we will never brush aside your concerns and not do the work required. You can rest assured that, when you call Colony Roofers, you’ll get an honest roof inspection.

Need Roof Repair? Call for an inspection!

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